Dancing Light Photography  LLC
by Christina Schoenwetter
The Story

Since she was young, Christina has had a longing to dance through life:  to be free, to move about without worry, to share fully in joyous celebration and in love.  When she graduated from college, a dear friend gave her a book entitled, I Hope You Dance.  The book included lyrics from Lee Ann Womack's song and photographs which depicted the lyrics.  The song became significant in Christina's life and is a constant reminder of her longing to dance.  On August 13, 2009, after being in the hospital for four days due to an unexplained and unidentified colon infection, Christina's mother, Ethlyn, shared with her that she had a dream she was dancing with her sister, Dottie.  Dottie passed away in September 2008 from a 15 year on-and-off again battle with cancer.  Christina's mother expressed that she did not know what to make of the dream and did not understand; and on August 16, 2009, Christina's mother passed away.  The name Dancing Light Photography is the perfect tribute to the longing, to her passion and natural eye, the song, to her Aunt Dottie, and most importantly--to the joyful remembrance of her mother. 

Dancing Light Photography can be contacted via email at:
dancing_light@hotmail.com (Please note the underscore).